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Bulk totes for ice cream mix liquids

Ice cream mix manufacturers around the country and around the globe see the immediate benefits with EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk containers. Food safety is paramount to the industry as well as consumers and Paper Systems rises to the occassion; GFSI/BRC, IMS, Kosher, ISO certified, and other food certifications are all in place when your company chooses EZ-SET. Your food grade products have a high standard of quality, EZ-SET delivers every single time! The 275 gallon capacity EZ-SET fits on a GMA 48x40 pallet allowing food processors to service customers smaller than railcar volumes to allow for ease of distribution and consumption by a wider customer base. Transitioning from pails or drums is a breeze with EZ-SET disposable IBC's. Give us a call today to find out how!

EZ-SET liquid bulk container                EZ-SET liquid bulk container

EZ-SET and go! Ready to service your needs today and into the future. Liquid bulk containers for liquid ice cream mix allows for ease of handling and safer transport from processor to customer.  No cross contamination as the evacuation of the ice cream mix happens within a closed loop and never has any need for venting or introducing contamination into the ice cream mix.  No more cutting of small bags or dumping of buckets.  A smooth transition from EZ-SET to the kettle or hopper while eliminating any back injuries or worker related workers compensation claims for repeated handling or dumping of small bags or lifting of buckets day in and day out.  We keep both the processor and end user in mind. 

EZ-SET disposable IBC               EZ-SET disposable IBC


All types of bulk ice cream containers exist in today's industrial markets, but only one is truly the go to solution while having IMS dairy certification on both the liner and the liquid bulk carton as well.  EZ-SET is that solution.  Check out our IMS certification here along with all of our other certifications and quality standards.  Contact Paper Systems today for more details.

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