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Bulk liquid totes for flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil processors are seeing immediate benefits in getting their products delivered to customers using the 1,000 liter corrugated IBC.  The 1,000 liter EZ-SET disposable tote can fit side by side and two high in a 20 ft export vessel to maximize both space and weight delivering to customers across the country or around the world with up to 20,000 liters of shipping capacity per 20 ft export container.  Made from recyclable materials, reducing carbon footprint, and being environmentally friendly all lead EZ-SET liquid disposable totes to be at the forefront of "green packaging."

EZ-SET 1,000 liter intermediate bulk container      EZ-SET 1,000 liter intermediate bulk container


EZ-SET liquid totes are ready to go!  Ready to service your needs today and into the future.  Disposable liquid bulk packaging with the customer in mind.  Contact Paper Systems today.

EZ-SET 1,000 liter intermediate bulk container                               EZ-SET 1,000 liter intermediate bulk container


EZ-SET disposable liquid totes have incredible strength and stackability.  Warehouse space is saved as well as cold storage space if products need to be refrigerated or frozen using the EZ-SET corrugated liquid container system.

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