EZ-SET Liquid Disposable Tote System

EZ-SET features “POP OPEN – STAY OPEN" technology for easy assembly 35%...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bulk liquid containers an alternative for steel drums for sale?

In situations where you are shipping non-hazardous liquids, bulk liquid containers can replace steel drums. 55-gallon steel drums can be used multiple times, but they need to be sterilized and shipped back to their original location before they are loaded with a new product.

Disposable totes help you avoid cross contamination and shipping empty drums. These totes consist of an interior liner made of a polyethylene film blend inside a cardboard box. These boxes ensure safe transport and protect the liquid from outside contamination.

Bulk liquid containers take up less space than steel drums

Bulk liquid containers take up less space than steel drums

Disposable Totes are Lighter than 55-Gallon Drums

55-gallon steel drums weight about 60 pounds each. Given that the equivalent of five drums fit inside just one liquid bulk containers on each skid, you gain 400 extra pounds per skid by using disposable totes. In a whole truck load, you will have over 5,000 more pounds (1,100 gallons) to use for shipping your product rather than paying extra freight cost for unnecessary packaging.

Liquid bulk containers are less than half the weight of steel drums. This allows you to fit more of your product on the truck and save 20-25% on freight costs.

Faster Filling and Reduced Handling

Since each disposable tote contains more product than 55-gallon drums, draining disposable totes is quicker. When using a tote, you do not have to restart the draining process multiple times. 

Quicker Loading and Unloading

You can also load and unload disposable totes from a truck in less time because more volume can fit in each disposable tote than a 55-gallon drum. 

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