EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Liquid Disposable Tote

The EZ-BULK 48x40 Series disposable liquid bulk container system combines all the benefits...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bulk liquid containers be used vs. disposable food containers?

Bulk liquid containers can be used in place of disposable food containers.  Industrial markets and food service are both key areas. For example, if you need to ship 2,000 pounds of ketchup to be consumed, blended, or packaged off into the making of other finished food grade products a bulk liquid container could be a money saving solution. However, bulk liquid containers do not work if you are selling items at the retail level. For instance, selling 8-ounce jars of ketchup which are consumed by the general public and would not be shipped in a bulk liquid container

bulk liquid containers for food grade liquids

Bulk Liquid Container Filled by 1 Person

Bulk packaging containers are larger than 5 gallon buckets.  By using bulk paper containers you would use far less packaging.  This would lead to shipping far less bulk paper containers than buckets via truck. This can help you avoid OSHA worker compensation claims by keeping your workers from repeating lifting buckets to empty.  This repetitive motion can lead to back injuries from having to lift 5 gallon buckets all day long.  The bulk liquid containers stay on a pallet.  The paper containers are only moved by fork lift or by pallet jack.  The bulk packaging container system helps keep your plant cleaner and eliminate worker injuries.

Disposable food containers also reduce contamination issues since you can directly pour your product into the proper packaging instead of dumping into an open vat when emptying 5 gallon buckets. When you pour your product into a vat, there is a possibility that an employee handling the 5 gallon bucket, unknown dust or debris in the air, or other outside elements could contaminate the product.  By using disposable liquid containers for bulk applications you can take the necessary steps to a cleaner process within your operations and eliminate the retail disposable food containers.  Even bulk plastic containers can be eliminated by using bulk liquid containers such as EZ-SET.  Evacuation is achieved through either the bottom fitment or product can be pumped out through the top.  Talk to our experienced sales team which has over 100 years of combined experience to guide you to the best possible solutions for your disposable liquid container needs. 

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