EZ-SET Liquid Disposable Tote System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use totes for liquid transportation of cosmetic products?

Totes for liquid transportation

Yes, your company can use liquid totes for transporting hair gels and other cosmetic products including creamshand sanitizershand cleanerslotionsshampoos, and soap. Cosmetics have strict quality standards and zero tolerance for cross contamination. Paper Systems' disposable liquid totes maintain the highest quality standards as shown by our BRC food safety certificate of approval so you can improve turnaround time and meet your customer’s quality requirements.

The Advantages of Using Liquid Totes for Transporting Cosmetics

No Cross Contamination

If you use in house storage tanks to store your liquid cosmetic products, you need to clean the tanks.  Also all the necessary pipes and hose you use to package the product constantly need to be cleaned as well to prevent cross contamination. With liquid disposable totes, there is no cross contamination.  Each bulk container is clean and ready to be used within your operation.  Our liquid transportation totes allow you to pump product directly from the bag and not have a need to vent the plastic bag liner.  The bulk liquid liner is flexible and allows for a clean evacuation.  Once emptied, the bulk liquid packaging is recyclable and biodegradable for safe and efficient disposal which leads to a cleaner production environment and frees up warehouse space as well.

Drain into Retail Packaging Faster

Pumping from your mixing kettle through a single pipe to your bottling line can truly be a bottleneck.  A mixing kettle get done with the batch of material and then has to wait for the bottling line to be ready to receive the material.  Typically the bottling line has to finish the previous run which leads to down time for the mixing kettle and workers.  You can increase throughput by off-loading from a mixing tank into disposable liquid totes and eliminate cleaning in place.  The use of bulk disposable totes helps reduce waste of lost product washed down the drain by the cleaning process.  Each liquid tote can have a dedicated batch packaged off into it and eliminate all cross-contamination issues and increase tracking ease of raw materials and ingredients.  In less than 10 minutes* you can fill a disposable tote and free up your mixing tank to do more work and increase productivity by 20% - 40% in a given work day. You can get more batches done faster and keep the bottling line going without interruption.  For either in house batch storage or for bulk liquid transportation, EZ-SET can be the solution of choice for your liquid bulk packaging needs to service local customers or abroad.


*Filling varies based upon pumping equipment and viscosity of product 

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