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Frequently Asked Questions

Can IBC containers be used in place of a plastic food container?

Yes, intermediate bulk packaging containers can be used in place of plastic food containers. Paper System’ has liquid transport containers with a variety of food grade approvals.  Some of the approvals include IMS Dairy certified and Kosher certified.  These certifications are important for safe transportation and storage. The plastic tote liners are manufactured from FDA approved resins and films.  We are confident to meet all of your customer requirements.  The combination of the liquid storage totes with the inner bulk plastic liner give a higher level of security, safety, and cleanliness for your products.

Safe for shipping food-grade products, our packages do not contain GMO, BTA, or BHT additives.  Our liquid bulk plastic liners do not have allergens such as tree nuts, eggs, milk, soybeans, wheat, fish or crustaceans.  All film used for bulk liquid liner manufacturing does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GM0).  All plastic tote liners are temperature rated to have the ability to handle hot fill applications.  Let us know your temperature requirement and we likely stock a liner that will meet your filling needs.

IBC containers for bulk liquids

Bulk packaging container ready to be filled  

All plastic food containers are not created equal.  Paper Systems is committed to quality is industry leading for paper container manufacturers.  Paper Systems has invested in long term sustainability practices.  The highest commitment to food safety by having all of our bulk packaging materials complete the rigorous approval to become BRC certified.  The British Retail Consortium is the highest level of food safety both domestically and abroad to meet the needs of your customers around the world.  

liquid storage tote for bulk liquids

Liquid storage tote ready to ship 

Most plastic food containers require the need to vent out air, but with our flexible bulk liquid liners, there is no air in the liner to begin so there is no need to vent which leads to a cleaner fill.  This also greatly reduces the chance of contamination or your liquid food product being compromised during the filling or evacuation process.  We do our best to help keep your food products clean and safe, by not having any air in the bulk plastic liner this is key to your success.  So when you are looking for an alternative to plastic food containers, think Paper Systems.  Our staff has over 100 years experience in the food sector to help you find the right answers. 

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