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Frequently Asked Questions

Can liquid bulk totes be used for chemical transportation?

liquid bulk totes for chemical transportation

Liquid Bulk Totes for Chemical Transportation

Liquid bulk totes can only be used for non-hazardous chemical transportation. If the product is hazardous, it needs to be shipped in a different type of container. It is your responsibility as the shipper to find out what is appropriate to ship in our totes, based on local and federal regulations. 

Examples of hazardous chemicals that cannot be transported in liquid bulk totes include anything flammable, combustible, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive.  A few examples include, you cannot ship fuel or 100% mineral spirits in liquid bulk totes because they are flammable.

Since chemical transportation regulations change, always check with local and federal authorities for up-to-date regulations and information regarding what you can ship in liquid bulk totes.

Paper Systems only ships non-hazardous materials. Unfortunately, we find some of our new customers previously used HAZMAT containers for non-hazardous materials. Oftentimes, this occurs because that company ships some HAZMAT materials and chooses to ship all their products in HAZMAT containers. However, HAZMAT containers are more expensive than non-HAZMAT containers. Using Paper Systems’ products for chemical transportation is a simple, cost-saving solution. 

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