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Disposable Totes for Hand Cleaners

In today's environment, the need for quick and effective distribution of cleaners and chemicals to disinfect is very important to fight the spread of coronavirus.  Our liquid disposable totes for hand cleaners eliminate any chance of cross contamination from one batch of hand cleaner to the next while insuring fast delivery to the customers who need the product.  The EZ-SET disposable totes for hand cleaner allow the hand cleaner manufacturers a quick and effective solution to get their products to market to fight coronovirus from spreading further.  Cleaners of all varieties can be shipped in the EZ-SET liquid bulk container safely and quickly.

disposable totes for hand cleaner

Disposable Totes for Hand Cleaner Ready to Ship

In these challenging times, distribution is the key.  We have a wide variety of disposable totes for hand cleaners to help you company get your products delivered to all of your customers both local and abroad.  Paper Systems offers 1,000 liter size EZ-SET containers to maximize 20 ft export space while delivering clean and effective disposable tote packaging solutions.  Paper Systems has the highest quality standards and can respond quickly to orders with our large production abilities and buffer stocks that we carry.  Contact Paper Systems today for your next shipment of disposable totes for hand cleaners and you will be on your way to continued success.

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