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EZ-SET Bulk Liquid Container versus 15 gallon drum?

bulk liquid container for bulk shipments

Bulk Liquid Container is Lightweight and Easy to Handle


What are the benefits of shipping a bulk liquid container rather than a 15 gallon drum?

Paper Systems’ bulk liquid storage totes consist of a strong bag liner.  Many layers of food grade film make our liners very strong for long distance shipments.  The industrial strength EZ-SET is made from heavy duty cardboard for a tough outer shell of protection for your products.  Bulk liquid containers are cleaner and safer for the operation of your plant than 15 gallon drums.

Benefits of Shipping a Bulk Liquid Container

  • Rather than shipping eighteen individual 15 gallon drums, you can use one bulk liquid container.
  • You can use a forklift to lift bulk liquid containers on pallets rather than rolling individual drums.  This eliminates possible labor injures associated with handling 15 gallon drums by hand.
  • Using bulk liquid containers reduce contamination because an employee can pump the liquid directly thru a closed loop system.  The operator can use dust free hoses rather than dumping the 15 gallon drum into a vat.  Pumping the liquid from a bulk liquid container keeps the product from being exposed to dust or foreign material.  a 15 gallon drum is typically dumped which exposes the liquid to uncontrolled dust or particles in the air, or introducing other sources of contamination. 
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