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Frequently Asked Questions

How can bulk liquid liners help my company?

Bulk liquid liners have many benefits for liquid or semi-liquid food processors.  With the need for safe packaging in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic companies are looking for safe and reliable packaging solutions.  

Bulk liquid liners have many advantages.  Lets take a look at how bulk liquid liners can help your operation.

bulk liquid liners deliver products safely

Liquid Bulk Liners Help Insure Your Product Arrives Safely to Customers

Liquid bulk liners help insure your product arrives safely to customers  ALT TEXT Bulk liquid liners deliver products safely

  1. Every bulk liquid liner is clean upon arrival to your factory.  No need for cleaning out or confirming the packaging is clean compared to recycled drums or returnable totes. 
  2. No cross contamination from a bulk liquid liner.  Every disposable bulk liquid lineris made from FDA approved resin.  You can rest assured the liquid liner is food grade and ready for use.  Reconditioned drums or returnable totes have to be properly cleaned and washed. Then the drums have to be rinsed and verified before being put back into use again.  This can lead to potential risk using drums not properly cleaned.
  3. Bulk liquid liners are disposable and recyclable.  The liquid liners can be easily disposed of and recycled.  No need for empty or return freight of drums back to your plant.  Once the drum or returnable tote has left your building you lose control over who touches the drum and how it is handled which is a concern for potential contamination.


bulk liquid liners keep products safe and clean

Bulk Liquid Liners Help You be Productive

  1. Liquid bulk liners do not need to vented to evacuate.  The liquid liners stay completely sealed during the evacuation process ensuring the product remains safe at all times.  When using returnable totes or drums, you have to vent the product and expose the material to possible contamination.  Eliminate that chance of exposure and use liquid bulk liners today.
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