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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transport bulk liquid egg whites?

liquid transport totes of food grade ingredients

Liquid Transport Totes for Safely Shipping Food Grade Ingredients

Liquid egg whites have a short shelf life. So, it is vital to have the proper equipment, which includes a refrigerated truck and containers, to sanitarily transport liquid egg whites quickly and safely. 

Safety requirements for transporting liquid egg whites:

  • Pre-cool the transportation vehicle before the shipment begins
  • Refrigerate liquid egg whites at 45°F or lower
  • Thermometers must be accurate and easily accessible
  • Sanitize transport vehicles and containers to protect liquid egg whites from contamination

Paper Systems’ liquid shipping totes make transporting liquid egg whites less of a hassle. Our bulk containers easily fit side-by-side in refrigerated trailers. Other companies offer 5-gallon buckets to transport liquid egg whites. With our liquid bulk containers, you can fill 2,000 lb into one tote. This cuts down on the amount of space that liquid egg whites take up when transported. This reduces costs in transportation and labor, since time is reduced in filling and moving liquid shipping totes.

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