EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Liquid Disposable Tote

The EZ-BULK 48x40 Series disposable liquid bulk container system combines all the benefits...

Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s trucking environment, how do liquid disposable totes work?


liquid disposable tote for transport

Liquid Disposable Tote Ready to be Shipped for Today's Trucking Environment

How you can save money highly depends on maximizing weight and space  in today's trucking environment.  Various price structures and the type of trucking equipment the company uses all influence cost to transport. One issue many companies encounter when shipping is that truck drivers are legally limited to drive a maximum of 10 hours a day. Shipping should be scheduled with this limited time window in mind as the landscape of today's trucking environment has changed.  Liquid disposable totes could help give your company a competitive advantage. 

Making loop runs is one way for shipping disposable totes allow products to be transported products quicker and more efficiently. In loop runs, the trucking company transports the product to a location and then hauls another item on the return trip. ISO tanks cannot take advantage of trucking loop runs as they are dedicated full one way and then have to be returned empty on the back haul to their point of origin.

If a company uses ISO tanks, they either need to return with an empty tank or thoroughly sanitize the ISO tank before they fill them with another product. Also, some products need to be transported in specific ISO tanks due to cleanliness. This limits the type of products that can be transported on the return trip or most often no product is shipped on the return trip.  This causes for an expensive  and empty leg in your transport logistics.

With liquid disposable totes, every leg within the trucking environment is optimized. You have a wider variety of products you can transport, and you do not need to transport empty containers or drive with an empty truck or dead head to the next pick up location.  All carriers are looking for easier and quicker turnaround with their equipment.  EZ-SET helps achieve a carrier's goal in today's trucking environment.

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