EZ-SET Liquid Disposable Tote System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Bulk Cartons for Food Products

For dairy products, many companies use a variety of liquid bulk cartons within their business. From ice cream mix, cream, buttermilk, and other items all have shipped in liquid bulk cartons. 

  liquid bulk carton for milk products

EZ-SET Liquid Bulk Carton Ready to Ship

As with all of our liquid bulk packaging, EZ-SET uses only IMS certified liners inside of our liquid bulk cartons.  This make bulk packaging approval for your customers easy.  Being Kosher approved and BRC certified makes our liquid bulk dairy packaging an easy decision for all dairy processors.  

liquid bulk carton for dairy products

Filling of EZ-SET Liquid Bulk Carton

Filling is done mainly through the top two inch fill fitment.  We stock adapters for food grade or sanitary connection.  You tell us your filling equipment and we work along side your production.  We want to make the transition from drums to our liquid bulk cartons as smooth as possible.

disposable liquid tote for dairy products

EZ-SET Disposable Tote Filled and Sealed

Once filled, the food grade liner is sealed using a threaded cap with the ability for tamper evidence sealing as well.  We realize in today's markets, you need the highest level of food safety and security for your liquid bulk cartons and we work with your quality department to insure this happens with each and every shipment that leaves your plant.  

liquid bulk carton system for dairy

Liquid Bulk Carton Ready to Ship Around the Globe

The EZ-SET liquid bulk container system is a production friendly packaging.  Allowing for quicker filling than drums and faster loaded of trucks increases production speed while maintaining quality.  All the food grade liners are made from proven polymers and reduces carbon footprint compared to 55 gallon plastic drums.  Less material into a plant means less to dispose of leaving the plant helping end users meet environmental goals with their liquid bulk cartons and other packaging materials.

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