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Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages of intermediate bulk containers vs tank truck?

Intermediate bulk container 1 person assembly

Easy Assembly of Intermediate Bulk Container


Sterilization of Tank Truck vs. Disposable Liquid Totes

Tank trucks need to be completely sterilized between trips of liquid product loads. This means that tanks need to be thoroughly cleaned and tested before loading a new product—every time. 

In contrast, intermediate bulk containers are always clean because they are disposable and only used once. This speeds up shipping, lightens labor costs, and lessens the likelihood of contamination.  Furthermore, the liquid totes make for more sustainable packaging vs. tank trucks which generate hundreds of gallons of waste water during the cleaning process.

Round Trip vs One Way Trip

Because tank trucks have to be sanitized before filled with a new product, you lose time and money on transport.  A tank truck either need to make a round trip before a refill or incur the costs and hours of cleaning before they return. 

With intermediate bulk containers, you only need to pay one-way transportation rather than dead head leg associated with tank trucks. The carrier can drop off your product and pick up any other product for the return trip. Or, get a one-way contract to reduce costs. 

You Do Not Have to Repackage for Distribution with Intermediate Bulk Containers

With a tank truck, you need to empty and repackage the product into designated containers. Intermediate bulk containers come ready for distribution.

Corrugated liquid tote ready to ship

Corrugated Liquid bulk Container Ready to Ship Domestic or Overseas!

Shipping to Mexico or other countries abroad

Intermediate bulk containers are especially advantageous when you need to ship products to Mexico or Canada from the United States. Some trucking companies will not send tank trucks to Mexico. Oftentimes, tankers don’t come back or return broken. Even if it isn’t lost, the tanker could be out of service and need expensive repairs. In contrast, intermediate bulk containers can be shipped with less risk in a semi-truck. Since intermediate bulk containers are disposable, they do not need to be returned.

Facility requirements for IBC bag in box

An important point to remember when you’re considering the use of IBC bag in box type packaging.  Your  facility does need to be set up for them. The totes weigh upwards of 2500 - 4000 lbs, so you’ll need the proper equipment to move it around. Most common use is a fork lift or pallet jack to move the liquid IBC containers around your facility.

You will need proper warehouse facilities to store them safely.  The liquid bulk totes are easily used both in large and small warehouse type settings. 

If you’re a small growing business, consider the production challenges which you will face. You may need to go to various locations to drain off the liquid bulk container so make sure you position it in a central location for easy access at all times. You can save money by buying liquid products in disposable IBC containers which makes this packaging very manageable for your space.

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