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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping container dimensions of an IBC?

bulk liquid shipping containers

Bulk Liquid Shipping Containers are Easy to Handle

Shipping container dimensions range from 40x48 to 48x48 inches with a variable height from 28 to 48 inches tall, depending on container size and requirements for applications. EZ-BULK containers can hold 110-330 gallons of your product.   Let us know your needs and we will find the right shipping container dimensions to fulfill your requirements.

EZ-BULK Containers

EZ-BULK intermediate bulk containers use a multi-layer inner bag liner which is made from FDA approved materials. All bag liner materials are IMS Dairy certified and Kosher approved. You can select specific barrier films to meet your product’s requirements. The shipping container dimensions of EZ-BULK are listed here under disposable liquid totes.

EZ-SET Containers

EZ-SET liquid bulk containers use the same inner bag liner styles with the same approvals as stated above. All the shipping container dimensions are listed here under liquid bulk containers.  You can ship local or shipping around the world.   Paper Systems has the shipping container dimensions you need to get the job done. 


EXO-BIN Containers

EXO-BIN containers are a great fit for liquid or dry products.  The EXO-BIN shipping container dimensions are a footprint of 48" x 44" so they will fit side by side in domestic trucks or export vessels.  The returnable and collapsible container stores up to 320 gallons of non-hazardous material, food grade liquid or dry material.

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