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Paper Systems produces pallet sheets for use on all wooden pallets, serving as a barrier...

Frequently Asked Questions

What do owner operated truckers do?

liquid bulk totes save space for truck load shipments or LTL

Liquid Totes Save Space and Weight for Truckload or LTL Shipments

Owner operated truckers drive trucks independently from a trucking company. These trucks either rent or own their own truck. If they own a truck, they will have Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) identification numbers that show they are the registered carriers. 

Not working for a trucking company allows owner operated truckers to create their own work schedules and choose jobs that fit their needs. This allows them to have greater potential earning and time off when they need it.

If you plan on using an owner operated trucker to transport your cargo, loop runs are an advantageous way to transport products quickly and effectively. In these runs, an owner operated trucker transports a load to a location and hauls another item back on the return trip.

ISO tanks cannot take advantage of loop runs because they either need to sanitize the tanks before they fill them with another product or return with empty tanks. In contrast, disposable totes take advantage of every leg of the trip. You can utilize your owner operated trucker fully because they do not need to drive back empty containers or drive with an empty trailer. That can also save you money.

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