EZ-VALVE Disposable Valve

EZ-VALVE is a patented, built-in disposable valve for intermediate bulk containers...

Frequently Asked Questions

What food certifications does Paper Systems have in place?

Paper Systems is BRCGS certified achieving an "A" rating from a third party auditor which is the highest rating possible.  The Global Food Safety Initiative quality program exceeds ISO 9001:2008 with the additional food safety standard requirement.  Paper Systems became GFSI / BRC certified in the fall of 2015.  The Global Food Safety Initiative is Paper Systems' commitment to food safety and quality for all food applications and this certification is unmatched in the IBC container markets of either returnable IBC's or disposable IBC's as Paper Systems was the first to achieve GFSI certification.  This global food safety and quality standard ties in with the BRC Global Standard so no matter where your company ships your products domestically or abroad, you are insured Paper Systems' products have the highest food safety standards in place.  Within the GFSI food safety approval, Paper Systems only uses Interstate Milk Shipper (IMS) dairy and Kosher certified bag liners which are manufactured from FDA approved resins and films to meet the most stringent customer requirements.


Paper Systems BRC Certificate

IMS Dairy Certification Listing

Paper Systems IMS Dairy Certificate

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