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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Liquid Bulk Container?

Many people ask the question, what is a liquid bulk container?  The definition covers a wide variety of industrial solutions.  A person's perspective can vary as well since some people will think bulk is a 1 gallon pail while others assume a liquid bulk container could be a tanker truck.  The details below will go into explaining liquid containers further.

A liquid bulk container is any packaging not consumed directly in retail.  5 gallon buckets, 55 gallon drums, intermediate bulk containers, and tanker trucks.  

A very common liquid bulk container used in industry is the intermediate bulk container.  The size and weight allows for ease of filling, distribution, and transportation by all.  Fork lifts and pallet jacks can easily handle the liquid bulk containers in production, transport, and storage.  The EZ-SET liquid bulk container is ideal for a variety of reasons.  Light weight, ease of assembly, recyclable, no cleaning, no hidden costs or hidden fees.  No need for return freight or administration costs for tracking as the EZ-SET is a one way tote solution.  

sustainable liquid bulk tote solution

EZ-SET recyclable one way disposable tote system

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