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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BRC packaging standard?

The BRC Packaging Standard can be used by any manufacturer producing packaging materials for all types of products - from food to consumer products.

BRC designed this standard to help adopt good manufacturing practices and supporting quality management systems. This will help develop and manufacture safe, legal packaging materials that meet the quality levels expected by customers and end users.

The standard splits the packaging industry into five material areas:   

  • Glass
  • Paper and Board
  • Metals – cans and foil products
  • Plastics – rigid and flexible materials
  • Wood and other materials

And also recognizes two levels of hygiene risk associated with different types of packaging materials. These are the high hygiene risk category that applies to materials that come into direct contact with food. While non-food packaging is under the low hygiene risk category. The requirements of the standard are listed separately depending upon the level.

The Standard consists of six sections: 

For any packaging quality management system to be effective it is essential that management personnel are fully aware of the requirements and are committed to the implementation.

The basis for the program is an effective Hazard and Risk Assessment that is based on the principles from the internationally recognized Codex Alimentarius system.

Sets out requirements for the technical management of product quality and hygiene practices, building upon the principles of ISO 9000. This includes requirements for product specifications, supplier monitoring, traceability, and the management of incidents and product recalls.

Sets out expectations for the production environment including the layout and maintenance of the buildings and equipment, cleaning, pest control and waste management.

Includes the requirements at the product design and development stage including process control and product inspection and testing. This includes a specific section on managing foreign body and chemical controls.

The standards needed for staff training, protective clothing and personal hygiene. 

for more information reference  www.brcglobalstandards.com

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