EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Liquid Disposable Tote

The EZ-BULK 48x40 Series disposable liquid bulk container system combines all the benefits...

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bulk transportation is available?

Companies transport their liquid products in various forms.  One of the most economical is by bulk transportation.  One type of liquid bulk transport is by using bulk liquid containers.  There are many benefits for a producer to ship by means of bulk transportation.  EZ-SET containers are a great way to use bulk transportation in your favor for transporting your liquids from producer to consumer.

  1. Economies of scale through purchasing of raw materials

When a company manufactures a larger batch of liquid material and they are able to package for bulk transportation this allows most companies to buy larger batches of raw materials thus lowering costs.  

bulk transportation of liquids

EZ-SET is a great way for bulk transportation of your liquid products


  1. Higher production output in a shorter period of time

By using EZ-SET liquid bulk containers, your machinery can run longer with less down time.  This higher production efficiency allows for higher production output in a shorter period of time.  This in turn allows you turn around orders quicker and service the changing needs of your customers faster. 

bulk containers for liquids

EZ-SET liquid bulk containers fills quicker than the equivalent number of drums or pails


  1. Less handling by machinery and labor

When filling disposable bulk totes, your equipment is more focused on filling and less on handling.  Bigger bulk containers compared to drums or pails means less changeover and higher fill speeds for your machinery.  Also it means less labor and handling by your production team.


  1. Save space

Higher demands on warehouse space means every square foot needs to be maximized.  EZ-SET allows stacking in a warehouse and better maximizes space compared to drums or pails.  Once in your warehouse an EZ-SET takes up 80% less space than bottle in cage or drums.

liquid bulk container arrives collapsed flat to save warehouse space

 EZ-SET disposable liquid totes save warehouse space taking up 80% less space than bottle in a cage packaging

  1. Save freight

Transporting your products via truck become more and more expensive as freight cost continue to rise.  EZ-SET liquid disposable totes have a lighter tare weight than steel drums so you ship more product per truck load.  Freight savings are achieved both inbound and on outbound side of your operations.  

1 EZ-SET collapsed bulk container unit is 275 gallons or 85,800 gallons per truck load for comparison below.

1 truck load of EZ-SET bulk containers 312 units = over 5 truckloads of bottle in cage units (60 per load)

1 truck load of EZ-SET bulk containers = over 5 truck loads of 55 gallon drums (300 per load)

As you can see the benefits are many.  Let EZ-SET disposable bulk containers help solve your bulk transportation needs.  Call today for more details at 1-800-342-2855.

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