EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Liquid Disposable Tote

The EZ-BULK 48x40 Series disposable liquid bulk container system combines all the benefits...

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes bulk oil totes good for industrial users?

Bulk oil totes are liquid storage totes that carry edible oils such as canola oil, coconut oil, and corn oil.

The advantages of bulk oil totes:

Reduction of Cross Contamination

Edible oils have zero tolerance for cross contamination.  Bulk oil totes must follow these strict quality standards set by the manufacturers in order to meet their goals. Paper Systems manufactures the EZ-SET disposable liquid container that is well above these stringent standards. 







bulk oil totes

Bulk oil totes stacked and stored


Since liquid disposable totes are larger than 55-gallon drums, you can drain them quicker. Using an intermediate bulk container has many labor advantages.  You eliminate multiple cycles of starting and stopping associated with drums.  Less labor by using bulk liquid totes rather than having to transition over and over again from drum to drum.  Liquid storage totes improve production by allowing quicker batch times within a plant.  This quicker batch time allows for higher production and more finished product per day.


With bulk oil totes, you receive up to 80% warehouse space savings over rigid drums or rigid bottle packaging.  Also, you can fit more disposable liquid containers in one truck because liquid storage totes come in collapsed boxes rather than rigid cylinders. They fit more tightly, packing more product per square foot in a truck or in a warehouse.


Since you will use fewer disposable liquid containers than drums, they are easier to keep track of both in your plant and upon delivery. All bulk container liners have tracking labels as well.  All information can be recorded easily for tracking purposes and quality control.


Our bulk oil totes come with a multi-layer inner bag liner made from materials that are FDA approved raw materials. The bag liners are also IMS Dairy Certified and Kosher approved.  Paper Systems has bulk oil totes for products ranging from olive oil to palm oil. Check out our selection of liquid disposable totes for edible oils.

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