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Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be considered when shipping alcohol?

When shipping alcohol in a disposable liquid container, multiple items need to be considered:

disposable liquid containers save warehouse space

 Disposable liquid containers save warehouse space

  • You cannot ship alcohol with a flammable or hazardous level of alcohol content.  
  • You cannot ship vodka because of its high alcohol content, which makes it flammable.
  • You cannot ship beer because it must be pressurized.
  • You can ship wine because it has a low alcohol content. 

Shipping wine in disposable liquid containers:

Shipping wine across state lines allows for wine outside the area to be blended in bulk or packaged and bottled directly. Shipping alcohol or wine in a disposable liquid container can be very easy.  You need a liner with a high oxygen barrier that keeps the wine’s flavor profile intact. Proper wine packaging guarantees flavor stays true.  This is different with other containers that require venting which introduces oxygenation and can change the wine’s characteristics such as drums or rigid tanks. 

Shipping wine in a disposable liquid tote also allows you to bottle in multiple sessions if you need. When using a vat, you most often have to do all the bottling at once and you don't have the option of shipping alcohol and have to transfer it to smaller packaging for delivery.

Check out our wine shipping containers and plastic wine shippers for shipping alcohol safely and efficiently.

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