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Frequently Asked Questions

What perks totes have vs. large plastic drums or used plastic drums?

Barrels or drums can be used multiple times. Plastic drums need to be thoroughly cleaned and returned to their original location before they can be reused. Liquid disposable totes can only be used once.  You do not need to ship them back to the original location or incur cost for clean out.  Liquid totes can be recycled after they are used. These disposable totes also avoid contamination because they are single-use.These types of liquid totes consist of a cardboard box with an interior food grade liner made of a polyethylene blend of 3 layers of film. 

liquid disposable totes

 Liquid disposable totes are quicker and easier to fill than large plastic drums

Liquid disposable totes can hold and transport a variety of food grade liquids or non-hazardous chemicals.  For example, liquid totes can be used for domestic transport shipments or overseas export shipments as well. 

Disposable Totes are Lighter than 55 Gallon Barrels

Liquid bulk containers are less than half the weight of steel drums.  Bulk containers are lighter than the same shipping capacity of 55 gallon blue barrels. Since they are so much lighter than large plastic barrels, you can save 20-25% on freight costs and fit more of your product on the truck. Steel drums weigh about 60 pounds each, which is much heavier than a light disposable tote. In addition, five liquid bulk containers fit on a single skid. You lose 400+ extra pounds of potential product to container weight per skid using large plastic barrels. In a whole truck load, that adds up to 5,000 more pounds (1,100 gallons) to use for shipping your product rather than paying for heavy packaging. 

Quicker Loading and Unloading

Your product can be loaded and unloaded from the truck in less time.  More volume can fit in each disposable tote than drums or blue barrels.  The space needed for the 55 gallon plastic drum dimensions is 50% greater than a 330 gallon liquid bulk container which fits on a single pallet.  6 large plastic barrels need to fit on 1 1/2 pallets.  Drums take more time and taking up more space which is critical in a warehouse and in a truck.

Faster Filling and Reduced Handling

Draining disposable totes is also quicker than drums or barrels because they hold more product. With a tote, you do not have to restart the draining process or handling 6 individual drums to achieve the same volume filled or drained.

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