EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Liquid Disposable Tote

The EZ-BULK 48x40 Series disposable liquid bulk container system combines all the benefits...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find collapsible totes?

Paper Systems provides a variety of collapsible totes.  The liquid totes come in a variety of sizes.  The bulk totes can meet your needs and quality standards. The inner liners are manufactured from food grade materials. The materials are IMS Dairy certified and Kosher approved. Special barrier film are is also available.  The EZ-SET can meet your product needs for transport or storage.   All of our collapsible totes meet the highest quality standards to insure your products ship and store safely.   

collapsible liquid totes

EZ-SET collapsible totes

4 of Paper Systems’ Most Common Collapsible Totes:

  1. EZ-SET Disposable IBC
  2. EZ-BULK Intermediate Bulk Container
  3. EZ-BULK 48x40 Series Bulk Totes
  4. EXO-Bin Returnable Liquid Bin

Our experienced staff has over 100 years of service combined in the liquid bulk tote markets.  This real market experience is valuable to solving problems in today's markets.  A variety of solutions with many items in stock allow for fast and reliable shipments of all of our collapsible totes which include EZ-SET and EZ-BULK.

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