EZ-DRAIN Liquid Disposable Tote

Tired of losing money with the residue left inside your drums or liquid bulk packaging?...

Frequently Asked Questions

Will disposable liquid totes fit in my storage racking?

Whether Paper Systems’ liquid totes will fit in your storage racking depends on the size of your storage racking. A common size for our liquid totes is 40 x 48 inches. This fits perfectly with the Grocer’s Manufacturer Association (GMA) pallet size, which is the most common pallet size. These pallets often hold items on isles of grocery stores. 

storage racking of liquid disposable totes

Disposable liquid totes fit in standard storage racking

Another advantage is that these liquid totes are amazing space-savers. They fit side-by-side in a truck, utilizing every inch of an insulated trailer. 

However, the dimensions for the shipping containers can vary depending on your specifications, ranging from 40x48 to 48x48 inches. The height of the container can range from 32 to 48 inches which will fit most storage racking. 

Learn more about 40x48 inch pallet weight and height which fit in standard storage racking. Discover how liquid disposable totes can also save your company on freight costs.

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