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Bulk totes for liquid sugars

Liquid sugar processors around the country see the immediate benefits with the disposable EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk containers. Food safety is paramount to the industry as well as consumers to insure the highest food standards. We rise to the occassion at Paper Systems; IMS, Kosher, ISO certified, and other food certifications are all in place when your company chooses EZ-SET. Complete cleanliness is guaranteed as the EZ-SET disposable tote takes away any chance of cross contamination from returnable totes causing your product integrity to be compromised. Your food grade products have a high standard of quality, EZ-SET delivers every single time! The 275 gallon capacity on a GMA 48x40 pallet allows them to service customers big or small, local or overseas. Transitioning from pails or drums is a breeze with EZ-SET disposable IBC's. Give us a call today to find out how!

EZSET food grade IBC container        EZSET food grade liquid IBC

EZ-SET disposable liquid bulk container system is simple and strong.  Ready to use and ready to ship!  Start saving tomorrow by calling Paper Systems today!

EZ-SET food grade liquid IBC            EZSET food grade liquid IBC

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