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EXO-BIN® Returnable Liquid Bin

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EXO-BIN returnable bulk tote product details

Meet the EXO-BIN — the perfect intermediate bulk container for liquids or dry products. Reusable and collapsible, EXO-BIN stores up to 320 gallons of liquid or dry products. It's the perfect intermediate bulk container for food grade applications such as purees, concentrates, tomato paste, foods and other non- hazardous materials. EXO-BIN works equally well for powders, slurries, granular products, frozen vegetables, I.Q.F. produce and fresh produce.

EXO-BIN completely eliminates wood contamination for food grade products where wood bins have to be fumigated as well.  EXO-BIN is made from recycled plastic and is a green package.  The EXO-BIN container system comes with a multi-layer inner bag liner made from FDA approved materials.  All bag liners are food grade, Kosher, and IMS Dairy certified.  Specialty barrier films are available to meet your specific requirements.

Tamper Evident Seal Option

EXO-BIN collapsible liquid tote dimensions

EXO-BIN filled dimension.pdf

Size Footprint Evacuation Tare Weight Video
320 gallon 48" x 44" 2" standard 163 lbs Click Here

#5,897,211 (Other Patents Pending)

276 qty= Standard 53 ft. Dry Van Truck
198 qty= High Cube 40FT. Sea Container
180 qty= Standard 40 ft. Sea Container
80 qty= 20 ft. Sea container

Rail Car Load Patterns
EXO-BIN Filled
EXO-BIN Knocked Down

EXO-BIN returnable liquid tote specifications

   Preparing EXO-BIN for evacuation
EXO-BIN Knocked Down Flat                            Preparing valve for evacuation
EXO-BIN          Installing Valve on EXO-BIN
EXO-BIN Full                                                    Installing valve for liquid evacuation


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