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Paper Systems is a privately held and minority owned company which was founded with the cornerstones of customer service and quality as the foundation of success in all aspects of liquid bulk container systems.  

Find out more thru our corporate video at the link shown here  Paper Systems corporate overview

Constant innovation to create unique intermediate bulk packaging solutions.

Paper Systems is committed to following the standards set by the BRC Standard under the Global Food Safety Initiative. Paper Systems follows “Good Manufacturing Practices” to help achieve a food safe environment for all of our IBC bulk packaging products.

Paper Systems is dedicated to quality liquid intermediate bulk container products and service focused to exceed customer expectations. 


Paper Systems continues our partnership in sourcing electrical needs from Mid American Energy by using readily available wind energy which is naturally abundant here in Iowa and making further efforts to get away from fossil fuels for electrical needs.  Also, all corrugated waste is bailed, recycled, and reused with long standing partnerships with local recycling services so the corrugated waste generated by Paper Systems is 100% recycled as we continue our goal towards zero waste as a company.  Our raw material poly bag liner film suppliers has sourced solar for their electrical needs thus the solar panels generate approximately 510,000 kilowatt hours annually.  This 510,000 kWh translates to a savings of 352 metric tons of CO2 not released into the atmosphere.


Global Food Safety Initiative / British Retail Consortium

Paper Systems is GFSI / BRC certified achieving an "A" rating from a third party auditor which is the highest rating possible.  The Global Food Safety Initiative quality program exceeds ISO 9001:2008 with the additional food safety standard requirement.  Paper Systems became GFSI / BRC certified in the fall of 2015.  The Global Food Safety Initiative is Paper Systems' commitment to food safety and quality for all food applications and this certification is unmatched in the IBC container markets of either returnable IBC's or disposable intermediate bulk containers as Paper Systems was the first to achieve GFSI certification.  This global food safety and quality standard ties in with the BRC Global Standard so no matter where your company ships your products domestically or abroad, you are insured Paper Systems' products have the highest food safety standards in place.  Within the GFSI food safety approval, Paper Systems only uses Interstate Milk Shipper (IMS) dairy and Kosher certified bag liners which are manufactured from FDA approved resins and films to meet the most stringent customer requirements. 

Paper Systems is the liquid packaging company of choice for processors of non-hazardous liquids domestically and internationally.  Our liquid packaging containers can solve a variety of issues facing shippers in today's market place and gain a competitive edge while growing market share.


BRC Certificate

IMS Dairy Certificate


About Paper Systems

Based in America's heartland, Paper Systems, Inc., has been manufacturing EZ-BULK products for over 30 years to meet liquid bulk solutions for industrial users. We listen to our customers and use their input to continually innovate our product line.

The EZ-BULK liquid tote system uses fewer raw materials in its design, so right away our costs are lower. The light tare weight of our disposable liquid containers allow more product to be shipped per truckload, inbound and outbound, drastically reducing your shipping costs. And since our liquid bulk solutions are recyclable and disposable, return freight costs are completely eliminated.

We like to think differently at Paper Systems. We like to create partnerships, not supplier/buyer relationships. We want to work with you to find the best solutions for your needs. And we don't just think paper. We will use whatever material best suits the liquid bulk container application. Our goal is to think creatively, be innovative, and find solutions.

Because of our customer-first philosophy, we've become a trusted resource in the liquid bulk packaging industry. If you have questions or need special applications, we'll work with you to find solutions-person to person.

Business Principals

Paper Systems’ team Members are treated respectfully and provided with an opportunity to pursue intellectual and career growth in an organized, safe, and healthy work environment.

Paper Systems’ customers are supplied with quality products in response to their needs. Paper Systems, Inc. conducts business openly and honestly to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Paper Systems’ actions stress planning and attention to detail.  Success is measured by results, not effort or intention.  The highest level of personal and professional integrity is maintained at all times.  Our commitments are met without exception.

Paper Systems follows “best practice” when it comes to hiring and follows all applicable local, state, and federal laws.


That's the way we do it at Paper Systems, Inc. 

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