Pallet Sheets

Paper Systems produces pallet sheets for use on all wooden pallets, serving as a barrier...

Liquid bulk tanks for olive oil

Olive oil processors know the benefit of gaining a market edge and satisfying customer's needs.  EZ-SET liquid disposable tote system allows olive oil producers to gain an environmentally friendly solution to steel drums while lowering their carbon footprint using sustainable forest resources.  Contact Paper Systems today for your liquid transport container needs to see how we can help you towards a green solution which helps save our planet's resources.

EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk container   EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk container

EZ-SET bulk liquid containers are ready to go!  Ready to service your needs today and into the future.  Disposable liquid bulk packaging with the customer in mind.  Contact Paper Systems today.

EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk container               EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk container

Common filling is done throught the top having a standard 2 inch opening just like a 55 gallon barrel for the EZ-SET liquid packaging containerA variety of fill fitments are available to suit food grade, aseptic, snouted filter applications, and larger upon request.  We always ask questions for your liquid bulk packaging solution to insure we work side by side with our customers for long term solutions.

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