EZ-SET® Disposable IBC

EZ-SET features “POP OPEN – STAY OPEN" technology for easy assembly 35%...

EZ-SET® Disposable IBC

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EZ-SET liquid container product info

  • EZ-SET features “POP OPEN – STAY OPEN" technology for easy assembly
  • 35% cost savings can be acheived over leading competition
  • Improve your inbound freight costs with 14 qty per skid
  • Easier evacuation
  • Maximizes sea container loads

275 gallon EZ-SET 48x40 disposable liquid storage container system fits on a 48 x 40 pallet. The EZ-SET liquid transport containers arrive stretch wrapped and flat on skids minimizing warehouse space (up to 80% less than drums).  275 gallon EZ-SET ibc packaging can be stacked four high in a warehouse environment.  EZ-SET intemediate bulk totes has a user friendly evacuation accepted by all industrial markets.  The EZ-SET IBC tote assembly is even easier than before with cutting edge "pop up" feature allowing operator assembly with virtually no effort.  All of the liquid containers Paper Systems manufacture has the highest food safety rating to meet your needs today and in the future.

1,000 liter EZ-SET export tote is available to maximize 20 ft export vessel space.  The domestic 330 gallon EZ-SET disposable tote helps maximize productivity and helps increase production volumes.  Other customer's needs can be met with the smaller batch size of the 220 gallon EZ-SET liquid container system.  

The EZ-SET bulk container system comes with a multi-layer inner bag liner made from FDA approved materials. All bag liner materials are USDA food grade, Kosher approved and IMS Dairy certified. Specialty barrier films are available to meet specific requirements.

EZ-SET liquid bulk packaging can be custom printed with your logo or company name.  Make your products stand head and shoulders above your competition with the power of custom printing to make your liquid container stand out.  Give us a call to find out more details!


EZ-SET disposable tote dimensions

Custom printing abilities with the following sizes:                                         Line drawing      Pallet

220 gallon EZ-SET filled dimensions 40" x 48" x 35"  tare weight 61 lbs*        PDF               PDF

1,000 liter EZ-SET filled dimensions 44" x 44" x 39"  tare weight 78 lbs*        PDF               PDF

275 gallon EZ-SET filled dimensions 48" x 40" x 42"  tare weight 85 lbs*        PDF               PDF

330 gallon EZ-SET filled dimensions 48" x 48" x 45"  tare weight 90 lbs*        PDF               PDF

 * tare weight approx. without pallet

EZ-SET liquid bulk container technical info

EZ-SET overview literature

EZ-SET delivery of 14 empty units

EZ-SET assembly literature

Valve and plunger cutter discharge instructions

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