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EZ-VALVE is a patented, built-in disposable valve for intermediate bulk containers...

Liquid Tote Container Accessories

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Tote container accessory details

From our fill fixtures to our valves we can help you adapt your system to accommodate EZ-BULK liquid containers , EZ-SET disposable totes, and EXO-BIN returnable containers with ease. Below is a sample of a few of the accessories for our liquid storage containers and plastic liners we offer to help aid in the filling and evacuation process.

Call your sales Representative to help you find the right accessories for your application:

 Finding a proper valve system that works easily with the liquid bulk totes can be a challenge.  Please feel free to call our customer service team and they are happy to assist you with any questions to make sure you get the answers to your application.

We sell a variety of tote valves or tote dispensers which can connect to a variety of discharge fitments.  We can provide insight on how to make the necessary connections while metering the flow, making the proper outbound connections, or even pump configurations which could aid in your operation.

The one thing to keep in mind is the tote valves are simple in design and use just gravity if no pump system is connected to it.  This means your liquid product needs to be positioned above the vat or container which you are dispensing into to allow the flow of the liquid to come out using pressure. For example, if you had a tote on the floor and you were dispensing into a vat elevated 15 feet into the air, you know what will happen - nothing would come out. Therefore, the disposable tote needs to be raised above where the product is being emptied into for proper flow. 

The simpliest way to do this is to elevate the liquid bulk tote as it is used, using a pallet jack or a fork lift. Other companies evacuate from the liquid tote tank when it is elevated on racking, or drain stand they have created as a dedicated station for evacuation.  A simple way to elevate any disposable liquid tote is to stack a handful of pallets underneath to elevate the filled tote for easier handling or draining.



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